Key Changes for COVID-19 Point-of-Care Testing in Ontario

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  • Memo outlining key regulation and program changes:
    1. Amendments to Regulation 682 and Regulation 683 under the Laboratory and Specimen Collection Centre Licensing Act (LSCCLA).
    2. A corresponding amendment to Regulation 569, under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA).
    3. Clinical endorsement that it is appropriate to use supervised self-swabbing for anyone using a Health Canada approved COVID-19 antigen point-of-care test.
    4. Expansion of the Provincial Antigen Screening Program to include additional priority sectors.


  • To ensure this information is communicated broadly to sectors and sites across the province, we would also encourage you to pursue additional outreach to your stakeholders directly to inform them of these changes.

DISCLAIMER: This document has been reviewed by Ontario Health West staff. While staff has provided its summary and interpretation of key action items, every health service provider remains responsible for ensuring their own understanding of the document and actions items, next steps and/or accountabilities outlined in the document.

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