Initial COVID-19 Immunization Readiness Checklist to Support Preparations in Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes

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  • Ministry of Health and Ministry  for Seniors and Accessibility have developed and assessment checklist for further support/guidance to help LTCHs and RHs  in planning and preparation of successful delivery of the vaccine program.


  • The checklist is for Initial Phase: Vaccine being given On-site (vaccine clinic at the home) and includes 9 steps  starting with designation of an individual and back up for communication with representatives to attend webinars and be point of contact for the home as step one, to  designation of an individual to assess post-vaccine as step 9.

DISCLAIMER: This document has been reviewed by Ontario Health West staff. While staff has provided its summary and interpretation of key action items, every health service provider remains responsible for ensuring their own understanding of the document and actions items, next steps and/or accountabilities outlined in the document.

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