Directive #5 for Hospitals within the meaning of the Public Hospitals Act and Long-Term Care Homes within the meaning of the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007

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  • This replaces Directive #5 of  October 5th. It has been revised to reflect an update in the list of Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures. It clarifies when health professionals or workers should have access to a test-fitted N95 respirator in an outbreak or  non-outbreak situation and who can test-fit N95 respirators for other health care professionals or workers. Also updated terminology re: regulated health professionals and health care workers.


  • Emphasizes the need for front line workers to do a risk assessment with each encounter and if they determine need for an N95 based on that assessment the hospital or LTCH and RH must not deny access to a fit tested N95  respirator or approved equivalent. 

DISCLAIMER: This document has been reviewed by Ontario Health West staff. While staff has provided its summary and interpretation of key action items, every health service provider remains responsible for ensuring their own understanding of the document and actions items, next steps and/or accountabilities outlined in the document.

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