COVID-19 Guidance: Independent Health Facilities v4

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  • Reference to COVID-19 Operational Requirements: Health Sector Restart
  • Expanded guidance for virtual and in-person care
  • Expanded guidance on occupational health and safety, including infection prevention and control guidance
  • Guidance on screening and testing for COVID-19


  • IHF’s to review this guidance document and the Operational Requirements: Health Sector Restart
  • All testing for COVID-19 will take place at a testing location
  • COVID-19 is a designated disease of public health significance and is reportable under the Health Protection and Promotion Act
  • IHF’s should conduct consultations, assessments and follow-ups over the phone, video or secure messaging
  • Patients and visitors should be screened over the phone before coming to their appointments

Past Versions

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March 24, 2020

Directive was issued to Ambulance Services and Paramedics under the Ambulance Act requiring surgical masks to be used for suspected COVID-19 patients and fluid-resistant N95 respirators to be used for aerosol generating medical procedures (AGMPs). In addition, based on a point of care risk assessment, it may be appropriate to use N95 respirators for situations other than COVID-19. That Directive is revoked and is replaced by this Directive.