COVID-19 Guidance: Considerations for Antigen Point-of-Care Testing v3 Mar 5 2021

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Labs, Testing & Screening


  • Update to align with changes to LSCCLA (throughout).
  • Updated information on Specimen Collection (page 3-4).
  • Note: exemption model, trained testers, self-swabbing.
  • Updates on how to access a POC test (page 5).
  • Updates on Conducting the Test (page 6).
  • Updates on Organizational Responsibilities (page 6).
  • Updates on Organizational Responsibilities (page 6).
  • Minor updates to Reporting Requirements (page 7).


  • In addition to requirements to, have a plan, report positives to PHU, comply with OHSA, HPPS, PHIPA, HCCA, RHPA.
  • Report all preliminary positives to PHU, notify individual to have PCR testing within 24 hours and self isolate.
  • Cooperate with PHU’s outbreak investigation.
  • Follow WSIB requirements for notice to appropriate ministry, Joint H&S committee, worker’s trade union.

DISCLAIMER: This document has been reviewed by Ontario Health West staff. While staff has provided its summary and interpretation of key action items, every health service provider remains responsible for ensuring their own understanding of the document and actions items, next steps and/or accountabilities outlined in the document.

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