Consensus Statement on Management of COVID-19 in Schools in the OH West Region

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The consensus points below have been developed to provide consistency in response to COVID-19 in schools across local public health units in western Ontario. These decision points are intended to augment guidance provided in provincial COVID

  • Household contacts of symptomatic students/staff
  • Case and contact management,
  • Cohort exposure assessment
  • Acquisition investigation within a school
  • Notification of potential acquisition at a school in a neighbouring Health Unit
  • Testing


  • Household contacts of symptomatic students or staff are recommended to self-monitor.

  • All students within an after-school or before-school program cohort will be managed as a class cohort.

  • Other individuals in the school will be assessed for exposure as per the provincial case and contact management guidance.

  • Mobile testing should be limited due to challenges of consent, physical distancing, and IPAC.

DISCLAIMER: This document has been reviewed by Ontario Health West staff. While staff has provided its summary and interpretation of key action items, every health service provider remains responsible for ensuring their own understanding of the document and actions items, next steps and/or accountabilities outlined in the document.

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